Early voting begins today for county, state and congressional offices and for referendums in the March 20 primary election. Here is a summary of Daily Herald endorsements for contested seats and referendums of local interest. For the text of individual endorsements, go online to www.dailyherald.com.


Governor, Democrat: Chris Kennedy

Governor, Republican: Bruce Rauner

Attorney General, Democrat: Sharon Fairley

Attorney General, Republican: Erika Harold

Senate Dist. 27, Democrat: Joe Sonnefeldt

House Dist. 42, Republican: No endorsement

House Dist. 46, Republican: Rogelio Orozco

House Dist. 47, Democrat: Jim Caffrey

House Dist. 49, Republican: Tonia Khouri

House Dist.53, Republican: Eddie Corrigan

House Dist.56, Republican: Jillian Bernas

House Dist.59, Democrat: Susan Malter

House Dist.59, Republican: Karen Feldman

House Dist.62, Republican: Ken Idstein


Dist. 5, Democrat: Mike Quigley

Dist. 6, Democrat: Carole Cheney

Dist. 9, Republican: Sargis Sangari

Dist. 10, Republican: Jeremy Wynes

Dist. 11, Republican: Nick Stella

Dist. 14, Democrat: Lauren Underwood

Cook County

President, Democrat: Toni Preckwinkle

Assessor: Fritz Kaegi

Clerk, Democrat: Karen A. Yarbrough

Treasurer, Democrat: Maria Pappas

County Board Dist. 15, Democrat: Kevin B. Morrison

Water Reclamation District, Democrat: Debra Shore, Marcelino Garcia


Bartlett Fire Protection Dist. tax increase: Yes

Deer Park sales tax increase: No

Mount Prospect Elementary Dist. 57 tax increase: Yes

Prospect Heights Fire Protection Dist. tax increase: Yes

DuPage County

Sheriff, Republican: James Mendrick

County Board Dist. 1, Republican: Sam Tornatore, Dino Gavanes

County Board Dist. 2, Democrat: Elizabeth Chaplin, Arlene Kendorski

County Board Dist. 3, Democrat: Julie Renehan, John Basco

County Board Dist. 3, Republican: Greg Hart, Martin Tully

County Board Dist. 4, Democrat: Trevor Orsinger, Mary FitzGerald Ozog

County Board Dist. 4, Republican: Grant Eckhoff, Christopher Zaruba

County Board Dist. 6, Democrat: Sheila Rutledge, Erica Green

County Board Dist. Dist. 6, Republican: Jim Zay, Kevin Wiley


Disband Aurora Election Commission: Yes

Bloomingdale Fire Protection Dist. bonds: Yes

York Center Fire Protection Dist. tax increase: Yes

Kane County

Sheriff, Democrat: Ron Hain

Sheriff, Repubican: Kevin Tindall

Clerk, Republican: John Cunningham

County Board Dist. 7, Democrat: Monica Silva

County Board Dist. 9, Republican: Connie von Keudell

County Board Dist. 13, Republican: Phil Lewis

County Board Dist. 15, Democrat: Lucas Strom

County Board Dist. 17, Democrat: Deborah Allan

County Board Dist. 19, Democrat: Mohammad Iqbal

County Board Dist. 23: Jonathan Radke


Geneva sales tax increase: Yes

Hampshire Fire Protection District tax increase: Yes

Pingree Grove and Countryside Fire Protection District tax increase: Yes

South Elgin and Countryside Fire Protection District tax increase: Yes

Lake County

Clerk, Democrat: Adam Broad

County Board Dist. 3, Republican: Dick Barr

County Board Dist. 6, Republican: Jeff Werfel

County Board Dist. 10, Republican: Charles Bartels

County Board Dist. 17, Republican: Linda Starkey


Deer Park sales tax increase: No

Gavin Dist. 37 bonds: Yes

Lake Zurich Dist. 95 borrowing: Yes

Will County

Clerk, Democrat: Denise Mushro-Rumchak

County Board, Dist. 11, Republican: Charles Maher, Suzanne Hart