Eighteen sets of young twins -- with a few siblings thrown in -- gathered Tuesday morning for a group photo with the Easter Bunny at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg.

With all the twins under the age of 2, a certain amount of mood choreography was called for to capture the precious moment.

"We did a Santa photo back in November and we decided to try our luck with the Easter Bunny," said mom Dee Knoll of Arlington Heights. "We'll probably need a mom's night out after this."

The effort was the latest activity of the Chicago Twin Moms group co-founded by Knoll and Stacy Kifer of Carol Stream.

Kifer and Knoll were introduced by a third mom, Becky Raz of Schaumburg. They met most of the approximately 50 others in the group online and by selling twin clothes to one another.

Members hail from as far apart as Chicago, Huntley and Naperville, but often meet in or near Schaumburg because of its central location.

A support system of adult company with common life experiences has always been the main goal of the group. The advice of others just one step ahead is valuable, Knoll said.

"I think the best thing is not put pressure or high expectations on yourself, but to take things one day at a time," she said. "Go with the flow."

Kifer has her own take on the same sentiment: "Just embrace the chaos."

She also believes there's a simple one-word answer to what makes the experience of parenting twins different -- "Everything!"

New entries to the Chicago Twin Moms group are slowing down now as the founding members find value in keeping all the kids about the same age so they can grow up together.