While visiting friends in Florida recently, we visited Tarpon Springs. Pelicans frequent the area behind a restaurant, hoping for a handout. This brown pelican was more than happy to grab a piece of fish from a local fisherman. I was more than happy to take his photo! Robin Green of Warrenville
The sun sets on Kaanapali Beach in Maui. Mary Loranger of Prospect Heights
T.J. Dougan of the Chicago Cougars goes in for a shot during a hockey game on January 26. Beverly Buchinger of Hoffman Estates
A brown pelican rests on a log at sunset over Little St. Simons Island, Georgia last January. Linda Barrett of Palatine
A roosting great horned owl is camouflaged against the bark of a tree as sunlight shines through its ear tufts in Libertyville on Friday, January 26. David Klatt of Libertyville
Saguaro cactuses rise in the desert as misty air surrounds the mountains west of Tucson. Nancy Giardina of Libertyville
It appears as if a tree is growing through a roof in Gurnee last December but it is deceiving, visually, as the roofs of two homes aligned and the tree grows between them. Dee Marsh of Gurnee
One day while in Wisconsin, we heard some very loud noises and saw a beautiful crane come swooping down quite close to us. Cranes are large birds -- average height is 3.3 -- 4.3 feet. Beware, as they can be aggressive and have been known to attack people. You can tell when they're coming as they have distinctive rolling cries. Eileen Valek of Roselle
I like this photo of laundry flying in the breeze on the rooftop of a house because it captures some of the local color during an unusually blustery and chilly week in Tegucigalpa Honduras. Tom Brauer of Wheaton
Robert M. Sharp of GilbertsI traveled this road on a very misty morning near Lake Geneva, WI in January. I like the way the trees overhang the road and how the center-line disappears into the fog
Joanne Clevenger of HuntleyWhen I get weary of winter, I like to look back on my photos from last summer. This double rainbow picture was taken in early September while standing on my patio. What a beautiful sight to see and so very close to home.
John Weber of HuntleyI took this photo of my Wife looking into the Grand Canyon during our tripto Sedona and the Canyon.