U.S. Rep. Brad Schneider announced Thursday he plans to introduce legislation aimed at blocking President Donald Trump's proposed military parade if the event would "negatively" affect the armed forces.

The Preparedness Before Parades Act would require certification by the secretary of defense that any parade would not "negatively affect the military readiness or budgetary needs of the armed forces," according to a statement from Schneider, a Deerfield Democrat who represents the 10th District.

"After more than a decade and a half of combat and years of unnecessary budget dysfunction, we are stretching our military to the breaking point," Schneider said in the statement. "I have severe concerns about the cost, diversion of resources, and effect on readiness of a large-scale parade seemingly conceived only to please the whims of the President. ... This bill ensures our military leaders are consulted and that any parades do not distract from their critical missions."

Trump has asked the Pentagon to plan a parade in Washington to celebrate military strength, officials said Tuesday.