Immanuel Lutheran School in Batavia has been invited to participate in an educational exchange program. The school will host two teachers from mainland China for three weeks beginning Monday, Feb. 12.

Yan Hao and Meichen Zhou live in Chang Chun City in the Jilin province of China. While at Immanuel they will observe and assist in elementary and middle school classrooms, hoping to gain exposure to American education and culture and to improve their English language skills.

They also are looking forward to sharing Chinese language (Mandarin), art, and cultural studies with students and staff at Immanuel. Hao and Meichen Zhou are certified teachers in China and have completed the background check process.

"Not only is this a wonderful educational and cultural opportunity, but it is also a wonderful ministry opportunity because of religious restrictions in some foreign countries," said Donna Laughlin, Immanuel's principal.

The educational exchange was offered to Immanuel by Attitudinal Dynamics International Inc. Dr. Bob Libka, founder and president, a retired principal who previously served at Trinity Lutheran School in Roselle.

Libka founded this company because of his desire to build cultural, educational, and missional connections between students and educators around the world. Attitudinal Dynamics provides exchange opportunities for teachers and students.

The teachers are working with other Chicago area Lutheran schools and are also enjoying brief sightseeing trips to other parts of the United States.