Regarding your article on the Democratic contenders for the 6th District, l've met Amanda Howland and she clearly offers the best opportunity to defeat Peter Roskam and his support for the Trump agenda.

She has the name recognition from challenging him last cycle, winning 42 percent of the votes in the 6th District. So she also understands what it takes to run against an incumbent who will be well-financed by Republican donors.

But, more importantly, she opposes the Trump/Roskam tax plan favoring the rich and big corporations, undermining Obamacare, not funding CHIPS, not investing in public education or infrastructure and Roskam's failure to stand up against Trump's treatment of women, the free press and our allies.

And, like every citizen, Amanda is concerned about what the Mueller investigation will reveal regarding Trump's involvement in Russian meddling in our elections, possible money laundering and obstruction of justice. All issues Roskam apparently isn't concerned about in his steadfast defense of Trump.

Tom Minnerick