#MeToo is a growing and powerful movement that has given voice to the pain of untold numbers of women who were subjected to sexual abuse by powerful people.

But there is another kind of power -- the power and control that is exerted in a domestic violence relationship. Wherever I go in our community, if I mention that I work for Family Shelter Service -- a domestic violence agency, I meet women who knowingly nod and tell me about their own experience.

The numbers affected are staggering: one in three women will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime. Like #MeToo, this has been a "hidden abuse" for far too long. And like #MeToo, many victims were not believed.

In the face of this, it takes great courage for someone to give voice to their trauma -- whether it be physical, emotional or sexual violence. If more of us take part in the conversation and support anyone's decision to speak up about these injustices, it could help bring about real change in a society that has turned a blind eye for too long.

Maureen McGuire, Family Shelter Service

Glen Ellyn