President Donald Trump is a businessman dealing in the real world in which hardworking Americans live, not the world of career politicians where every word is polled for its effect on voters. Calling a country a questionable name is harsh not racist. Hollywood celebrities or liberal millionaires aren't vacationing or building mansions in Haiti or El Salvador probably because our government has issued a travel warning for both countries.

Is it mentally stable for Hillary to run on women's rights when she enabled a sexual predator husband for over 40 years and attacked his victims? Or, Pelosi to state that you have to pass the ACA to know what's in it? To have a president lying about keeping your plan & your doctor and premiums would decrease? Gruber stating the American people were too stupid to realize that Obamacare was a tax? Obama laughing at his failed $1 trillion "shovel-ready jobs" project? Obama, who considered himself a citizen of the world and continually enriched the world at our expense including a treaty that allowed other countries to pollute the environment for up to 20 years while America was shackled by regulations just to help spread our wealth globally?

Is it mentally stable for Hillary supporters and congressional Democrats to resist attempts by our president to better America? To yell at the night sky like banshees? To prevent conservative freedom of speech by rioting and destroying property, thereby endangering the lives of our police? To wear hats called by a private part on their heads? To continue these practices for over a year?

He is the most transparent president in history. We now have a president who is proud to be an American citizen and who puts us first, not last like our former citizen of the world.

Gail Rose