DACA is shorthand for the Democrat Party "welfare for votes" swindle. Behind the pretense of really caring, the Dems are building a political army of noncitizens (funded on the taxpayer dime). Connect the dots … from the sanctuary cities and states … to the refusals by those lawless warrens to cooperate with ICE and federal vote fraud probes … to pledges to allow illegal voting (thereby cheapening the legal citizen vote). Their cries for children are no purer than a criminal's covetousness about his stash.

This is not your daddy's Democrat Party. The current edition is more like a communist-front organization, a U.S.-hating leftist cabal, engineered during the Obama years to "fundamentally transform" (his words) the United States. Obama & Clinton Inc. brought the "Chicago Way" of self-aggrandizing political corruption to the nation. Witness the deconstruction of the FBI and Justice Department to political arms of the Democrat Party: the pro-Hilary bias of James Comey and Peter Strzok, Uranium One deceptions, the Fusion/Clinton-Campaign/Steele-Trump-Dossier gambit, etc.

The Dems act boldly and without fear of exposure. The so-called mainstream media and the Hollywood/show-biz left purposely preoccupy themselves with Donald Trump vulgarities (real or manufactured), which they quickly mint into allegations of racism (the most mortal of mortal sins in post-Judeo-Christian America). Both (news and entertainment media) join D.C. on the list of swamps needing drains.

Of course, the Hollywoodians never fail to plumb greater depths of depravity with frequent obscene anti-Trump tantrums. They lurch from one fib (Trump conspired with Russia) to another (Trump's insane). It's a political sleight of hand by partisan media (to divert attention away from the Democrat Party cancers and onto Trump's warts).

Hmm! Given the national sway of the "Chicago Way" grown during the Obama years, maybe Mike Madigan can claim godfathership.

Les Lopinot