The Naperville Historic Preservation Commission has approved the demolition of the 1962 addition to the Old Nichols Library. We did not object to that. However, the developers also will be allowed to demolish the rear (east) part of the original building, which they incorrectly call the "1939 building addition." (It actually was an interior remodeling.)

This dismays us, but there could be a silver lining. Perhaps this latest assault on Old Nichols will inspire city officials, working with the Naperville Development Partnership, to help find a tenant for the building. Because the City landmarked Old Nichols, it is more than appropriate that the city help market the property.

We also understand that to be economically viable, the redevelopment of Old Nichols might include an expansion: new space to the east and south of the original building. However, it is important that any such expansion complement, not overwhelm, Old Nichols.

We appreciate the continued hard work being done by elected and appointed city officials, not to mention the continued support this effort has received from the people of Naperville. Thank you all.

Becky Simon, President of Save Old Nichols Library