It appears that the junior senator from Illinois has finally come out of hiding. Sen. Duckworth blasted President Trump on Jan. 22 as a five-deferment draft dodger.

I thank Sen. Duckworth for her service, but for her to denigrate the president of the United States in this manner is one of the reasons this country is so divided. She is part of what is wrong with this country and the state of Illinois. She says that the president accusing Democrats like her of not caring for the military is galling but is also true.

She says there are service members watching him, looking for their commander in chief to show leadership Well, he has, and as an ex-service member, I believe he has done more for the military than the past president and both Democratic senators from Illinois.

Sen. Duckworth says that she has spent her entire adult life looking out for their well-being, training and equipping of the troops that she was responsible for. Sen. Duckworth was the head of the Veterans Affair in Illinois from 2006 to 2009 and you can check the records on how well she took care of the vets in Illinois.

She was also the assistant secretary of veterans affairs for public and intergovernmental affairs and also did very little for vets in that capacity. Sen. Duckworth was nothing but a political appointee in both of those jobs.

If Sen. Duckworth really cared about our military, she would vote to fully fund that military so they can have the best equipment and training available, but she and the other do-nothing senator from Illinois play politics with our military and choose to spend their time fighting for illegal immigrants in this country.

Richard Olhava

Arlington Heights