On Jan. 30, I was one of several hundred drivers on northbound Route 53 who came to a standstill due to a six-car accident south of the Higgins Road exit in Schaumburg. Radio reports indicated that three of the cars had to towed off on flatbeds, but three vehicles were moved off to the side of the road. There were at least four emergency vehicles on the scene as well as two state police and one Elk Grove Village police car. These all passed me and others on the right shoulder as we waited. Traffic was backed up past Army Trail Road.

Then at least 20 and maybe as many as 30 people who thought they were more important than anyone else, drove up the shoulder to get around those of us waiting. The tow trucks were then delayed, as they had to navigate the grassy area off the road. I am just glad that no ambulances were delayed by the actions of these very important people.

These drivers probably think that it was their right to do what they did and to ignore any other rule than inconveniences them. It's really too bad that the police who were helping clear the road for regular traffic didn't take an extra 15-20 minutes and ticket every one of these drivers and make them wait until backed up traffic was gone to let them "safely" get back in the normal lanes.

David Krein