I live in Mount Prospect, a part of Jan Schakowsky's congressional district, and I was very upset when I read the editorial titled "Schakowsky's snub of State of the Union". The article implied that Rep. Schakowsky wasn't representing her district well by boycotting. That is not true.

Jan Schakowsky is a tireless advocate for the issues I care deeply about. I frequently contact her office about legislation that Congress is focusing on, and almost every single time I find out that she is already on my side. I called for her to boycott the president's speech. Telling our legislators our views is exactly how a democracy should work.

The president should tell the truth, and have a vision of how to unite our country. I've always respected the office of the presidency no matter what party. But where do we draw the line with hate speech, sedition and lies? Chipping away at our liberties, including the right to free speech, is shredding our democracy and who we are as Americans.

Terri Gens

Mount Prospect