Niklas Malacinski makes a jump during the Norge Winter Ski Jump Tournament in Fox River Grove.. Mark Black | Staff Photographer
Biodegradable balloons are released at Scullen Middle School at a memorial event for Matt Lange, who was murdered in his car in the school parking lot one year ago in Naperville. John Starks | Staff Photographer
Assistant coach Stan Reddel speaks during a memorial service for legendary York Community High School cross country coach Joe Newton, who coined the phrase the "Long Green Line." Daniel White | Staff Photographer
Eleven-year-old John Ogan, of Warrenville plays Rondino Saturday during the American Grands performance at Elgin Community College. Brian Hill | Staff Photographer
Decnie Jeschke, of Schaumburg, left, the creator of Olivia's Blankets, works on one such blanket with Jen DeBouver and daughter Nina and Virginia Hoffman of Schaumburg. The special cut blankets are for parents who experienced a death of a child. The idea is to give the parents half of the blanket and leave half with their child. They were working at the Trickster Art Gallery in Schaumburg on Saturday. Mark Welsh | Staff Photographer
Falcons Black player Charlie Paul streaks down the ice as he plays hockey during the 8th Annual "The Sleds Are Coming"€ event on Sunday at the Alumni Memorial Fieldhouse on Lake Forest College. The Lake Forest College Athletic Department and the Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association sponsored the hockey game. Gilbert R. Boucher II | Staff Photographer
Vivian Kernkamp, 2, of Naperville gets an up close look at "Zelda" during the annual Husky Heroes event at the Morton Arboretum. Mark Black | Staff Photographer
Members of the Naperville Astronomical Association look at the eclipse event at Greene Valley Forest Preserve in Naperville on Wednesday. Bev Horne | Staff Photographer
An eclipse of the moon starts, seen from Naperville on Wednesday. Bev Horne | Staff Photographer
A TSA agent watches travelers as they go through a security check point Thursday. A Grayslake woman's repeated attempts to stowaway on airplanes are prompting security changes at O'Hare International Airport and at other airports across the nation. Brian Hill | Staff Photographer
Vernon Hills high School juniors, from left, Olivia Sheldon, Delaney Bowen and Olgne Jurgelaityte examine a project on women's rights as Vernon Hills High School hosted its 5th annual History Fair in the library Thursday. United States History students have been working throughout the school year to create research projects that range from written reports to video documentaries and websites. Steve Lundy | Staff Photographer
Larkin High School students stand on the edge of their seat Thursday in their home gymnasium as the boys basketball team plays Rockford Lutheran in Elgin. John Starks | Staff Photographer
A giant flag hung between two ladder trucks greets Buffalo Grove firefighter/paramedic Kevin Hauber, 51, Friday at St. Mary's Church, in Buffalo Grove. Hauber died Saturday after a four-year battle with colon cancer. Brian Hill | Staff Photographer
A giant groundhog mascot peeks around to see Woodstock Willie, who saw his shadow after emerging from his slumber Friday in Woodstock. Brian Hill | Staff Photographer
Buffalo Grove firefighter/paramedic Kevin Hauber, 51, is brought into St. Mary's Church, in Buffalo Grove. Brian Hill | Staff Photographer
Dr. Science, played by Bill Cook of Prospect Heights, kept his Adler Park School audience engaged Friday during the Wacky Science Show. Paul Valade | Staff Photographer
Brett Gilbertson, an Aurora mail carrier, prepares for his delivery after receiving a Million Mile award during an award ceremony at the Aurora Main Post Office. Gilbertson, who has worked as a mail carrier for 30 years, along with 10 other postal carriers have driven 1 million miles on their routes with no accidents. Daniel White | Staff Photographer
Moon gazers visit Greene Valley Forest Preserve in Naperville on Wednesday to see the eclipse event. Bev Horne | Staff Photographer