We applaud Buffalo Grove's plans to impose more restrictive parking regulations for residential areas. That is a good start, but with respect, it doesn't go far enough. As we walk through the neighborhood. we see too many commercial vans (some without commercial plates) and pickup trucks with ladders attached on top in driveways, often blocking the sidewalk. We see driveways with construction materials under tarps and construction materials stored between homes.

Other nearby suburbs do not allow this. The village wants to project an attractive image -- i.e., citing homeowners whose grass is longer than 6 inches -- but allows huge vehicles in driveways that block sidewalks and does not require residents to shovel sidewalks in front of their homes, often forcing people to walk in the street. Hopefully the village will take action in the future to deal with these issues as well. We agree with Trustee Joanne Johnson's comments about "... people that just use their driveways as permanent storage rather than trying to find room in their homes or pay for storage elsewhere." We all want a beautiful Buffalo Grove.

Kenneth and Sharri Gould

Buffalo Grove