Candidates for governor need to get specific on what they will actually do to fix Illinois. Chris Kennedy will work to fix the broken property tax system that benefits tax attorneys (i.e, Madigan, Burke, Berrios, Vrydoliak) by eliminating conflict of interests and increasing transparency. He will end the property tax racket in Illinois. He believes that we need to move toward a single-payer health care system. Education drives job growth as business will go where the skilled workforce resides. Education is the foundation for success and Chris believes that everyone deserves a great education.

Pensions are a key issue in this election and since public employees never missed a payment into their pensions but politicians in Springfield didn't make their payments for decades (i.e., Madigan and all the governors of both parties) how can Madigan's guys (JB and Sen. Biss) get this fixed? Biss' sponsorship of a plan to fix this was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

Chris Kennedy is the one person that can actually change things in Illinois. Other candidates need to get specific on what they are going to do to fix this mess and how they stand apart from the existing cast of characters that are responsible for it.

Jack Halpin

Arlington Heights