Is anyone paying attention to the Republican primary in the 10th Congressional District? The Republicans have three candidates running, but only one of them has the experience to be a great Republican congressman. Dr. Sapan Shah is a successful entrepreneur, and he genuinely understands what it takes to create jobs and grow the economy.

More importantly, Dr. Shah will be a strong advocate to balance the budget and rid Washington of its spending addiction. We need to elect Dr. Shah because he will stand strong against the entrenched politicians who routinely put our children's financial future at risk. The last thing Republicans need to do is elect someone without any experience in creating jobs.

If you haven't tuned into the Republican primary yet, please do so. Dr. Shah believes in the free market and he will get the government out of the way for job creators. I'm supporting Dr. Shah because he has actual experience in creating jobs and balancing budgets.

Allison Kasperski