Fresh snow blankets the Rollins Savanna Forest Preserve near Grayslake last month. Mike Stone of Round Lake Beach
This plant is commonly been referred to as "bottlebrushes" because of their cylindrical, brush like flowers resembling a traditional bottle brush. They are found in warmer southern climates. This was a close up shot with a post-processed posterization effect. Randy Link of Winfield
This is a reflection in a crack in the ice in Salt Creek. My friend thought the outline loves like a dove. I call it ICE -DOVE. Todd A. Sherlock of Downers Grove
Enjoying the serenity Of Lake Michigan in Sheboygan Wi. Who would ever know that it is mid winter? Colette Parzygnat of Lombard
An alien spaceship type clouds appear during a beautiful sunset in Denver, Col. last December. Dawn Dalton of Arlington Heights
The hikers shadows fall on the desert while on a late afternoon hike in Saguaro National Park, Arizona. Fred Share of Arlington Heights
An eagle is caught passing the moon during a perfect end to the day at Eagle Watch Weekend at Starved Rock 0n January 27. Beverly Buchinger of Hoffman Estates
Fall and winter combine as a leaf sits on top of frozen Lake Zurich. Cindy Spudich of Lake Zurich
A bald eagle flies overhead on January 27 at Starved Rock State Park with a catch in its talons. The two day event on 1/27-1/28 is the annual Bald Eagle Watch Weekend that offers many free programs, activities, and exhibits at Starved Rock State Park. Mark Peschke of Gurnee
We visited Glacier National Park in Montana during the summer of 2011. This photo shows Jackson Glacier, one of the largest of the park's remaining 25 glaciers. Due to climate change, glaciologists expect many if not all glaciers within the park will disappear by the year 2030. Mike Weimer of St. Charles
While driving on the way to work one morning (North of Wasco), I noticed these beauties along the road. They allowed a few pictures, and then walked off into the woods. Matthew Kirby of Sycamore
I took this picture of the almost full moon rising behind my favorite tree on New Year's Eve 2017. I actually headed out to get the sunset on the last day of the year, but was greeted by this at the same time ... cold, but beautiful. Tom Nicol of Geneva