Buffalo Grove is moving forward with plans to reshape the village's Lake-Cook Corridor, after village trustees on Monday got another update on the project.

Project Leader Domenic Salpietra outlined a staged approach for the plan, offering a vision for revamping the Town Center shopping center, adding residential development along the Buffalo Grove Golf Course and extending roads around the heavily traveled corridor.

The corridor covers more than 472 acres and includes properties from Arlington Heights Road to just west of Weiland Road, and from Old Checker Road to just south of Lake-Cook Road.

Trustees said they are satisfied with what the plan offers and appreciate its limits.

"It is not a commitment by the village to spend money, to build anything, to take anyone's property," Trustee Jeffrey Berman said. "That's not what we're talking about here. If it is, then you've got at least one trustee who is going to say 'no.'"

Trustee Andrew Stein said the proposals rely on willing property owners.

"If we have got a property owner that refuses, for whatever selfish reason they may have, than that particular part may or may not come due," he said.

The plan gives the village the opportunity to take a proactive approach to development rather than reacting to developers, Community Development Director Christopher Stilling said.

"Now we're telling them what the plan is, and I find that that's much more effective in moving something forward," he said.

Trustees also praised the plan for its flexibility and its potential for attracting businesses and developments to Buffalo Grove.

"I have lived in the village for over 30 years, and I happen to think that this is one of the most exciting and outstanding endeavors the village has ever undertaken," Trustee Lester Ottenheimer III said.

The project team will now create a final draft plan for the project, which will be presented to the village board March 5 then made available for public viewing.