Carpentersville is partnering with a municipal marketing company to help implement a long-awaited community rebranding initiative.

Trustees on Tuesday approved a $60,000 agreement with Business Districts Inc., a Forest Park-based firm that will assist the village in developing a branding and marketing plan. Those efforts could include a new logo or tagline, social media strategies, a redesigned website and other methods for highlighting the benefits of living and working in the village, Economic Development Director Patrick Burke said.

"There are so many communities out there, (so) how do we get our message out there better? How do we let people know what's going on in Carpentersville?" he said. "I think it's good to have fresh eyes take a look at what's going on and lead us through the process."

For years, the business development commission has been discussing possible steps for correcting a common misperception of Carpentersville as a crime-ridden town, said Trustee Paul Humpfer, the commission's chairman. The rebranding initiative aims to improve the village's reputation by focusing on its positive qualities, he said, pointing to a significantly diminished gang problem and a flux of recent economic activity.

With help from a village task force, Business Districts will first seek community feedback through surveys of residents, business owners, staff and other stakeholders. The company is also expected to review the village's current marketing strategies, conduct a communications audit and hold various workshops throughout the next six months, according to its proposal.

The outcome will be a community marketing plan that Business Districts would then help set in motion, Burke said. The company has provided similar branding services to towns such as Oswego, Warrenville and Oak Forest.

Officials hope to gather honest input from community members from all areas of the village who represent all demographics, Humpfer said. The results will help the firm develop a rebranding campaign that could attract new residents and businesses to Carpentersville, he said.

"The goal is to find out what people perceive about our village and then act on that information," Humpfer said. "It's a good proposal. I think we're in good shape."