We recently asked DuPage County mayors what project or challenge they most look forward to in 2018. Here's what they said ...

Frank DeSimone
Bensenville Village President Frank DeSimone

We continue to work on several projects designed to improve services for our residents. Chief among them is our continued investments toward improving our infrastructure.

We've recently completed a dedicated bike lane on Church Road, a downtown streetscape project and opened the Irving Park Road and York Road intersection, a project that was completed ahead of schedule.

Projects like this will continue into 2018 with the Route 390 western access project at the top of the list. While there will be major construction associated with this project, once complete, it will provide considerable benefits and ease traffic issues for our residents.

Frank Saverino
Carol Stream Village President Frank Saverino:

In late 2018, I look forward to a completed village hall renovation and transitioning services to our original building with minimal disruption for our residents. This new municipal center will be more environmentally friendly and offer updated features and technology for our employees and community without imposing any debt.

Steven Morley
Elmhurst Mayor Steven Morley

Among many development projects slated to be completed in 2018, we are looking forward to the opening of Fitness Formula Club in Elmhurst's City Centre. The three-story fitness center will serve residents and rail-based commuters in its prime location just steps from the Elmhurst Metra station.

This recreation facility is projected to bring 1,500 people a day into Elmhurst's downtown area.

Construction is under way for a 165-unit luxury apartment complex with first floor retail. This first-class amenity will be located in the center of town, across from the Elmhurst Metra station, an ideal location for rail-based commuters.

Linda Jackson
Glendale Heights Village President Linda Jackson

Although we have seen growth throughout our community, development will always be a major focus.

Development along North Avenue continues to be a strong goal in bringing businesses into the community. This development will not only help boost the economy, but it also will provide jobs and career opportunities.

And as always, our top goal is to keep the Village of Glendale Heights moving forward in a proud and progressive direction.

Diane McGinley
Glen Ellyn Village President Diane McGinley

The project I am most looking forward to is completion of the new pedestrian tunnel at the underpass. This has been one of the longest projects and will greatly improve safety for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Other projects I look forward to are the completion of the renovations of the Civic Center, Innovation DuPage moving in, moving forward with parking improvement opportunities and increasing economic development.

Jeff Pruyn
Itasca Mayor Jeff Pruyn

For years, Itasca, along with other communities in proximity to O'Hare, have enjoyed the many benefits of this economic development driver. In order to keep O'Hare competitive, the City of Chicago has embarked on a plan to add capacity by building new east-west runways, extending existing runways to the west and reducing/eliminating the use of the existing diagonal runways. These changes have resulted in new flight patterns over neighborhoods that previously did not have planes flying overhead.

Now, our biggest challenge is working together to reduce noise impacts to all affected communities so there are no winners or losers.

To that end, Itasca is deeply involved with the Suburban O'Hare Commission and other groups. Rather than communities fighting to minimize flights over their own towns, our region is best served when each community that benefits from its proximity to O'Hare is willing to absorb its fair share of overnight air traffic so that every community can have some quiet evenings.

Not only will this approach provide noise relief for individual property owners, it will reduce the possibility that the new runway configuration will negatively impact property values in the surrounding communities.

Although it is challenging for each community to look beyond its borders, when we choose to focus on what is good for our whole region, we all become winners.

Keith Giagnorio
Lombard Village President Keith Giagnorio

Lombard remains focused on developing a balanced long-term budget, despite being faced with unfunded state mandates and pension increases beyond the village's control. We're committed to providing our residents, businesses and visitors with excellent core services in a financially responsible manner, and will continue to face budget challenges head on.

Steve Chirico
Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico

In 2017, we began the process of re-imagining our 5th Avenue corridor, which includes 13 acres of city-owned land by the Naperville Metra station. This area holds significant future potential for our city, and the community engagement process that is ongoing in 2018 will help shape the future vibrancy and vitality of the corridor.

David Brummel
Warrenville Mayor David Brummel

Managing the large amount of development proposed in our Southwest District (Route 59 and 56 corridors), near Amazon's fulfillment center. The whirlwind of development interest along Route 59 includes MI Homes, Lexington Homes, Thornton's Gas Station, Two Brothers Artisan Brewing, and more.

Ruben Pineda
West Chicago Mayor Ruben Pineda

By the end of 2018, the city will have completed all or substantially all of the remediation of the contaminated soils in the West Washington Street Project Area. This progress will signal the beginning of redevelopment on those 14 acres across from the library, which will begin with updating the land use plan after seeking public input.

Michael Gresk
Wheaton Mayor Mike Gresk

Providing the necessary services for our citizens (police, fire, water, public works) within a balanced budget that has limited revenue sources. The real challenge is the uncertainty in Springfield and the impact of actions taken (or not taken) by the governor and the General Assembly.

Erik Spande
Winfield Village President EriK Spande

Winfield is looking forward to more positive change and development. We expect additional projects on Roosevelt and Winfield roads, and we currently are in earnest discussions with Northwestern Medicine-Central DuPage Hospital on how to work together to thoughtfully redevelop our Town Center to serve CDH's patient and infrastructure needs and the Village of Winfield.

With multiple residential and commercial projects in planning or being constructed, 2018 will be a busy time in Winfield with redevelopment and linkages forming a core of many improvements.

Nunzio Pulice
Wood Dale Mayor Nunzio Pulice

Going forward we are looking to expand on our branding initiatives as part of our comprehensive plan update in a couple of areas of town, including Wood Dale and Irving Park Road as well as along I-390 where we have our industrial parks and our first TIF District.