A 35-year-old Aurora man has been charged in connection with a bank robbery last week in Lisle.

FBI agents say Stephen Bolf robbed the Lisle Savings Bank at 4720 Main St. and a federal judge has ordered him to be detained.

According to the complaint, Bolf entered the bank shortly after 10 a.m. Friday and told a teller he had a gun in his bag and wanted money.

The teller gave him cash, a GPS tracker and bait bills -- currency that can be traced back to the robbery, according to the complaint.

Because of the GPS tracker, Lisle police were able to locate Bolf's parked Mazda MPV. After apprehending Bolf, Lisle police brought him to the bank to see if the teller could identify him.

Meanwhile, police searched Bolf's minivan and found a satchel containing $1,699, the complaint said. It also contained the bait bills and the GPS tracker, it said.

Officers also recovered a large knife from the satchel.

A black coat with a hood, sunglasses, black leather gloves and a tan scarf were found inside the minivan. FBI officials said they appear to be identical to items the bank robber wore during the robbery.