Flexera, based in Itasca, Tuesday said it's teaming up with KPMG Australia to provide an end-to-end software asset management solution, leveraging Flexera's technologies and KPMG's worldwide team of software license management professionals.

SAM is no longer just about software license compliance. Today's focus is on a solution that helps organizations optimize software usage and control costs. With trends such as migration to cloud, SAM helps organizations better understand what they own and use. This lets them determine what should be migrated to the cloud, and how to allocate these costs across the organization.

SAM can also mitigate security risks by reducing the 'attack surface' through software portfolio consolidation, and help meet compliance with General Data Protection Regulations. If organizations don't know what software they own, deploy and use, they open themselves to risks in these areas.

KPMG has experience in assessing and enhancing SAM and Software License Optimization solutions, utilizing more than 300 subject matter experts from their global team with specific and detailed knowledge across multiple vendors license agreements, models and metrics.