An elderly woman in Huntley is missing cash and jewelry after a man came to her home claiming to be from the village, authorities said Saturday.

The woman, 90, tried to ask the man for identification to prove his statement that he was a contractor working for the village of Huntley, police Sgt. Scott Sullivan said. But the man redirected the conversation and never provided ID.

The man, described as about 30 years old and slim, wearing blue jeans, a dark knit jacket and a dark skull cap, showed up about 4 p.m. Tuesday and entered the woman's house on the 11600 block of Woodcreek Drive in Huntley, police said.

The suspect told the woman he was there to inspect the water because of a damaged water main in the area. Then he walked to the kitchen faucet and began discussing water issues, police said. The woman told police the man was on the phone several times while in her home.

Police said the man left the woman's house after they heard a noise. He told the woman the noise was his co-worker, who had come and gone.

Police said the woman contacted them when she discovered cash and pieces of jewelry with sentimental value were missing.

Sullivan said the woman was alone when the man and the other suspect came to her house. Police do not have a description of the second suspect. But the woman reported the suspects left in a dark-colored work van, with nothing visibly written on its sides.

Sullivan said residents always can call the police department to confirm the identity of anyone claiming to work for the village, and true village employees always will prominently display or willingly provide identification.

Anyone with information, or who experiences a similar situation, is asked to call Huntley police at (847) 515- 5311 or the department's tip line at (847) 515-5333.