The current deluge of sexual harassment charges is deeply disturbing. Men are being accused of harassment for kissing women "forcibly" which may be annoying or condescending, but not enough to knock the train off its rails. Rape is one thing, misreading signs of affection is quite another.

I'm not saying men should be allowed to do whatever they want. There are those in positions of power/control who force unwanted attentions on women, and we should make it clear that as a society we do not favor this behavior (which, by the way, we have not only condoned but enjoyed on stage, movie screen, and music).

What concerns me is the overreaction. James Levine's music leadership is no less artistic because his private life is disgusting. Yet we encourage Ravinia and the New York Symphony to deprive us of his musical genius because of unrelated misbehavior. Perhaps we should burn all Mozart's music because he was a womanizer. We should not read Norman Mailer because he was a lecher.

In the Bible, Jesus says "Let he who is without sin throw the first stone" (at an adulteress). And no one threw a stone but slunk away in shame for their own sins (theft, fraud, etc.).

Marian Tomlinson

Glen Ellyn