During the Christmas season, we hear the angels' words, "Peace on Earth, good will toward men." Yet the Earth is not at peace. Our great nation has been at war for over 16 years. (And first, may I thank those who have fought - for their bravery and their sacrifice.)

Now we have, I believe, our most belligerent president ever, and our peace-loving nation is seen around the world as warlike. Even as we battle the Islamic State, your Dec. 10 newspaper says we have mistakenly killed between 801 and 5,961 Iraqi civilians.

Yet the baby whose birth those angels heralded grew up to say, "Blessed are the peacemakers." We can be peacemakers by electing peacemakers, by insisting our current representatives be peacemakers, by praying for peace, and by being role-models of peace.

Bruce Bedingfield

Hoffman Estates