A gentle giant nicknamed Howard Huge, once part of a vast network of roadside attractions that dotted the United States, is looking for a new home.

The fiberglass stature is one of the iconic 1960s and '70s attractions dubbed the Muffler Men. These retro relics often stood outside of auto repair shops holding car mufflers, but variations could be found at all types of businesses, storefronts and attractions.

Howard's origins are a little murky but reports have him placed at a Mobile gas station in Oakland, Maine, decades ago before being moved to several other stores in that area. The 19-foot, 6-inch tall figure was taken off duty and placed into indoor storage in the 1990s.

Now, Howard Huge is up for auction. Other than a few scuffs, cracks and scrapes, he appears to be in good condition but is sold as is and where is in Winslow, Maine.

While hundreds of these statues were made depicting a wide array of characters, few have Howard's bow tie and hat, making him a rare find.

The auction ends today and if you want to bid, head to usagiants.com. As of Friday, bidding was at $12,500.

Our area is home to another Muffler Man celebrity -- the Gemini Giant. The towering spaceman is on display at the Launching Pad restaurant in Wilmington, just south of Joliet.