I am commenting on a post regarding Angela Lansbury indicating many women contribute to harassment by what they wear. The 93-year-old actress took a big hit even in today's newspapers by a number of women. I just want to warn my friends out there of the reality of your place in the workplace.

Many years ago, one of our female staff complained that another female staff member was showing too much cleavage and was distracting the staff. My boss, tells me, as second in command, to talk to her. To make a long story short, I was lucky to get out of the room alive. This woman knew she had me, daring me to say anything about her physical appearance. She and I both knew all she had to do was cry foul and my career was toast. I learned a lot that day, making sure I always asked another female employee to join me on interviews (e.g. male or female).

Larry Eichman