I want to share with you why I am supporting J.B. Pritzker for Illinois governor. I know the election is a long way off and Christmas is taking much of your time, but I have a few comments which I would like you to consider.

Experience: It takes ability to run a huge company like Hyatt Hotels and make it such a success. We need business experience to run this state, which is lacking at the moment. I am confident that J.B.'s abilities are equal to this enormous task of curing the ills which plague our wonderful state. We also need unity in government.

Ethics: I first met Mrs. Pritzker (aunt) about 30 years ago when I was state president for a residential home for the elderly in Brookfield. They were extremely generous to our organization and to many others such as the Pritzker Museum, the Pritzker Band Shell, the Art Institute, the Field Museum and several universities, as well as many other causes. In so many ways, the family has worked for the people not for billionaires, which I have heard as a criticism of J.B.

I am sure this benevolence will continue and Illinois will once again become a leader for this country, as will Gov. Pritzker.

Maureen E. Yates