What happens when your digital life is in the cloud … and so are you?

Can those left behind access all your online accounts, email, photos, documents, social media posts, and so on when you're gone?

Yes they can, according to author Joe Kissell, who has written over 60 technology books including Take Control of Your Digital Legacy. In it Kissel says "Your digital data can last virtually forever, but that won't happen unless you take steps to make sure it's organized, stored, and preserved in just the right way." He explains why you need a digital will, a digital executor, and a solid strategy for making sure your data outlives you.

Kissell will discuss the basics of digital estate planning based on his book in a virtual presentation at the Saturday, December 9 meeting of the Suburban Chicago Apple Users at American Association of Anesthesiologists (ASA), 1061 American Lane in Schaumburg. Visitors are welcome! The presentation begins at 10 A.M.

Suburban Chicago Apple Users is an Apple-recognized user group consisting of over 100 members that meet monthly to learn how to get the most from their Apple technology by doing more easier, better, faster and cheaper! And many topics presented apply to technology beyond just Apple devices. For more information, visit www.myscau.org.