I was taken aback by the Oct. 29 column of Michael Gerson. At that time, it had been about a year since's President Trump's election, and I was waiting for Gerson to mellow. He said "Americans have elected a president who is dangerously unstable, divisive, childish, nasty, deceptive, self-deluded, morally unfit, deeply unconservative and thus badly wrong on some of the largest issues of our time."

Gerson seems to be suffering from what another columnist has called "Trump derangement syndrome." Gerson may go to blazes, but I support Trump in just about every move he has made. There is a "vast right wing conspiracy" that agrees with me. I would think that you would select columnists that echo the views of a majority of your subscribers; if indeed Gerson reflects that, then our country is in worse shape than I thought.

W.O. Degner