Your excellent piece on Dr. Louise Koester, Mount Prospect's first female doctor, strikes a particular chord with me. The hospital that she opened along with Dr. Alfred Wolfarth in 1929 still stands at 111 W. Prospect Avenue and has been a health care facility ever since.

After many years as a chiropractor's office it is now the home of Vista Linda Eye Care, the Vision Center that I began in that same -- now extensively remodeled -- space in 2011.

As a woman who also chose to become a doctor more than 30 years ago I understand some of the biases that she encountered. But, happily, in this modern era where women are more readily accepted in almost any profession, I'm very pleased that the residents of our area have warmly welcomed us to downtown Mount Prospect.

Thank you, Dr. Koestler.

Dr. Linda S. Murray

Vista Linda Eye Care

Mount Prospect