You don't need a huge ballroom or large venue to host an amazing event. Sometimes the comfort of your own living room or backyard surrounded by family and friends and crowd-pleasing entertainment is all that's required for a memorable night.

GSH Casino Parties specializes in bringing the games of the Vegas strip to any location, including clients' homes. A casino-themed event is perfect for surprise birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, bar/bot mitzvahs, graduation events, summer BBQs, bachelor/bachelorette parties or family reunions. Families can turn their next gathering into an interactive experience by using GSH to set up casino games including Blackjack, poker and craps. Owner of GSH Casino Parties, Girard Hendelman, said Blackjack works especially well for parties that include kids because of the math skills required to effectively play the game.

"Private home events work best with two to four tables. A great time to book them is during our nonpeak season of March through August when we have more dates available," said Hendelman.

GSH is a full-service event planning company that takes care of the entertainment from start to finish. Once your in-home party is booked, GSH will customize the games and party layout to your home and needs. Hendelman said customers often know where they want the games set up, but if not, GSH will help them configure the best floor plan for the event.

"We always make things fit. We'll move furniture and bring in our smaller craps tables to accommodate the space," said Hendelman.

Hendelman said clients usually decorate the whole room and surrounding areas of their homes to give the party a Monte Carlo or Las Vegas vibe. When guests arrive at an in-home casino party, they're no longer stepping into the host's private living room; they'll feel like their walking the strip in Vegas.

On the day of the party, GSH will set up and break down the casino tables, making event preparation easy and stress-free for party hosts. Vida King, who recently used GSH for her boyfriend's birthday celebration, found that working with GSH made the planning process much smoother.

"The equipment, the dealers, the entire process from engagement to execution was seamless. The dealers were professional and interacted freely and effortlessly with my guests," said King.

GSH works with clients throughout the year to plan custom in-home casino parties. Hendelman especially enjoys helping people host parties during the warmer months because they can set up gaming tables in garages and in clients' backyards. Being outdoors and playing into the night just adds an extra element of fun to the event.

No matter where you host your party, providing live entertainment makes your guests feel special and engaged. It can also provide an element of surprise for the guest of honor.

"Our guests were so excited when they arrived and saw the gaming tables and the dealers. They enjoyed themselves immensely," said King.

To book GSH for your upcoming festivities, visit the company's website at: