One dog was killed and another injured in a coyote attack that happened while the canines were unattended in the backyard of a home near Deer Grove Forest Preserve, Palatine police said.

Police Cmdr. Craig Lesselyoung said the two 14-year-old dogs were attacked about 8 p.m. Thursday in the yard of the home in the 1500 block of West Edgewater Lane, just south of Dundee Road and Deer Grove. He said the breed of the dogs was not listed in reports.

Both dogs were let out in the backyard, which is surrounded by an electronic pet fence. When the owner went to check on the dogs a short time later, police said, he found one animal dead and the other seriously injured.

No coyotes were found in the area, but evidence indicated one or more of the animals was involved in the attack, according to authorities.

Lesselyoung said coyote attacks are rare in Palatine. However, police are stressing pet owners must be vigilant and know coyotes are common to Palatine and surrounding communities.

To deter coyote visits, police said residents should avoid leaving food or garbage outside, including feed for squirrels and other wildlife. Coyotes also should not be fed directly.