After reading of the multitude of heart-wrenching stories about the deportation now facing illegal and some legal residents of our communities, I must ask, where does it all end? In this quasi-fascist era of who's next, is this the best path for creating and maintaining a harmonious family? About thirty percent of the nation wants stronger immigration laws. And they don't care how you arrived, legal or illegal. They only want you out. However, that group does not represent the majority of Americans.

Which brings me to the question of who may be the next group not qualifying for citizenship? I have lost interest in applying blame for this ubiquitous calamity facing our nation, but we all know who inflamed the worst this proud land has to offer. That source doesn't deserve any more press.

Like all things facing this planet these days, our love and respect of humanity will be challenged. That is a feeling I share with those who breathe the breath of goodwill for all of mankind.

Gary Lukens