In 1948 the city of Berlin was cut off from the world by a Russian blockade. The city became a virtual island in the middle the of East Germany.

There was no food or supplies aloud into the city by train or by the roads. So we launched a airlift into the city.

It started on June 26, 1948. On that day 80 tons of supplies mostly milk for the children along with flour and medicine were flown in. The airlift went on for 11 months and still continued for several months after the blockade was lifted. In the first 98 days 220,528, tons of supplies were flown into the city. On Sept. 18, 5,583 tons of supplies were flown in on 652 flights in just one day.

Along with food and medicine, we brought tons of coal, so the people of Berlin could heat their homes as winter approached. For over 11 months the sky was filled with 100s of C-54s and C47s, flying everyday into a city that just three years early we were dropping bombs on. But this time we were bringing hope and compassion. Showing the people of Berlin what America is all about, helping people in need.

Now fast forward to 2017 and Puerto Rico, an American territory with millions of American citizens.

It was reported that on Wednesday Sept. 27, 2017, that 16 flights were made to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and that was 14 more than were sent Tuesday. Quite a difference from Sept. 18, 1948.

Our government has forgotten what this country stands for and what we are capable of doing.

Karen Fahlgren