Can right-wing political conservatives have it both ways? Decrying government interference in citizens' lives is generally their standard. However, recently we witnessed an egregious example of government intrusion into lives of women in vulnerable circumstances. Health and Human Services' Scott Lloyd acted in the name of the government to travel to a Texas federal detention center to use his power to discourage and block a young, undocumented woman, who requested an abortion. Legal rulings called his actions unconstitutional and the young woman, the circumstances of her pregnancy are unpublished, was granted her reproductive rights.

This administration is filled with appointees whose socially conservative agendas are in direct opposition to the beliefs of the majority of Americans. Lloyd for example assisted Terri Shivo's parents who went against her husband's wishes to let her have a peaceful death; he helped develop a regulation to protect workers who didn't want to participate in certain medical services; and he co-founded a pro-life law firm embracing what it calls the belief that the practice of law should be guided by, "the principle of our faith in every respect."

Whose faith? Yours? Mine? Or orthodoxy that would enforce a minority's radical right-wing control of our lives?

Julie Sass

Elk Grove Village