A garden border creates an eye-catching barrier between your garden and the rest of your outdoor living space.

There are a variety of border designs to choose from; it all depends on what kind of barrier your garden needs. You can complete your garden border in under four hours and it will cost you less than $200.

Need help deciding what border would work best in your garden? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Diagonal brick border

Brick is a popular option that is both traditional and practical. The best way to create a brick border is to build a diagonal border. For a vintage look, use mismatched or older bricks to bring more character to your garden!

Flagstone or cobblestone edging

Flagstone or cobblestone edging gives off a natural, cottage or country look and is relatively easy to install. Adding this natural-looking edging will provide clear definition your garden.

Metal pipe or glass bottle border

For a more unique and edgy look, you can line your garden with pieces of metal pipe or glass bottles..

Plastic or cinder block edging

Plastic or cinder block edgings are less natural-looking, but they are versatile and won't rot when placed around your garden.

Laying a garden border is a project that can be done in a short amount of time and for a reasonable price. This feature sustains your garden and adds decoration to your outdoor living space

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