I got my first Shark Evoline Series 2 helmet in 2011 and it quickly became my favorite all-season modular helmet. The Evoline 3 is an improved model.

The outer shell is Lexan Polycarbonate with a foam EPS liner. What sets it apart from other modular helmets, then and now, is that it is the only helmet where the chin bar lifts up and rotates 170 degrees back, then locks down behind the crown of the helmet and seals aerodynamically out of the wind blast. That means it is cleverly designed for riding as an open-faced helmet, with the face shield up or down.

At highway speeds in open face mode, you don't feel like the helmet is tugging at your neck by creating drag. It is also the only modular helmet that is U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) approved for riding in either position, so it's one of the safest modular helmets you can buy.

I use it with the chin bar closed for cold mornings, back for warmer afternoon temps, and down again for cooler evenings. The Evoline 3 also has an integrated jet fighter sunshield that slides down for extra sun protection when riding into early morning or late afternoon sun. That is a great feature. All the various adjustments are easy, one-handed operations that can be made with gloves on.

The face shield and sun shield are both optically pure and have scratch-resistant coatings on the outside, and a fog resistant coating on the inside. The helmet also is ready to mount a Sharktooth (or other) wireless infotainment system. I have my Sharktooth set up to connect to my GPS system, which stores my music, and I hear driving directions through it. It can also be linked to a smartphone to get music, hands-free telephone calls, or to use other apps wirelessly through the helmet speakers that come with the system.

The Evoline 3 helmet has generous cutouts in the ear pockets for the speakers and are covered by soft material for comfort. Music sounds great through these speakers. The very small control module mounted on the outside of the helmet is easy to use with gloves on.

Shark has made many improvements with the 3 Series. The new helmet is 7 ounces lighter, which is huge, and now the helmet weighs in at just a hair over 4 pounds. There is also improved venting at the chin bar and crown so you won't perspire even with the helmet closed. Also, the helmet has a softer, microfiber CoolMax liner, so every pad that touches your skin feels comfortable. Of course, the liner is removable for washing.

The neck roll is thicker and softer and this new helmet is all-day comfortable. The chin strap is a D-ring affair, and it has a belt-loop-type retainer so you fold back the excess strap into it, so nothing flaps around in the wind.

So if you only have one helmet, you have to consider the versatile, do-everything Shark Evoline 3. In matte black, it sells for $400, which is not a lot of money for a premium helmet with all the features of this one. The Sharktooth infotainment system is $259.99. To order, visit www.bbimotorcycle.com.

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