Submitted by Presence Health

Surgeon Donald Prentiss, M.D., performed the 100th robotic surgery at Presence Mercy Medical Center on July 23 using advanced da Vinci robotic technology in dedicated state-of-the-art surgical suites.

In November 2012, Presence Mercy acquired the da Vinci robotic suite of instruments, which allows surgeons to utilize their surgical skills with precise accuracy. Surgeons manipulate robotic arms and miniaturized instruments and cameras that offer a higher level of flexibility and range of motion during surgical procedures to treat issues relating to gynecology, urology, gallbladder, general surgery and colorectal surgery.

"We are very proud and excited about the surgical diversity we offer patients at Presence Mercy, involving our robotic surgical applications," said Dr. Jonathan Song, gynecologist and medical director for the da Vinci surgical program at Presence Mercy Medical Center since inception.

"This wide range of minimally invasive applications with the robot sets us apart from traditional surgical programs," Song said.

Presence Mercy recently became the first in Kane County to use da Vinci robotic surgical technology to perform a unique minimally invasive gallbladder surgery that requires only a single, small incision. This small incision through the belly button allows patients to recover faster with virtually no scars associated with traditional major surgery.

"This technology is great for patients who will spend less time in the hospital and have a more pleasing cosmetic result," said Dr. Donald Prentiss who is a member of the medical staff at Presence Mercy Medical Center and is a part of Dreyer Medical Clinic in Aurora. "Importantly, quicker recovery time means lower risk of infection and complications for the patient," he explained.

The bottom line for patients is less bleeding, less pain, fewer risks and faster recovery. With da Vinci surgery, surgical skills are optimized and patients return to their daily lives faster. Currently there are seven surgeons on staff who have completed extensive clinical training and peer proctoring in robotic techniques with several more currently in training.

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