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  • Pair of top receivers would be great catch Aug 30, 2014 7:45 AM
    The stud running back theory. Remember that? Eons ago — OK, 12-15 years ago — my advice to newbie fantasy football players was to do anything in your power to acquire two stud running backs in the first two rounds of your draft. No longer. The NFL has become such a pass-heavy league, with a record nine quarterbacks throwing for more than 4,000 yards last season, that it’s imperative to ... draft a stud QB? No! It’s imperative to draft at least one — and possibly two — of the top pass-catchers in the league. The short list in my mind includes: Calvin Johnson, Demaryius Thomas, A.J. Green, Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall, Julio Jones, Saints TE Jimmy Graham and perhaps Jordy Nelson. Grabbing two of them gives you an amazing anchor to your team. At RB, you can still grab a solid one in Reggie Bush or Frank Gore, and fill in your No. 2-4 RB holes with any combination of guys who have the potential to explode. As for a quarterback, wait until nearly everyone else has one and there will still be a Jay Cutler, Tom Brady, Colin Kaepernick or Russell Wilson on the board. Now, of course, not everybody is going to get two of those WRs — and some of you won’t follow that advice at all — so let’s take a quick look at four receivers I believe will exceed their expectations to produce solid week-to-week numbers. 1. Seattle’s Percy Harvin (average draft position: 51). If I had some real guts, I’d rank Harvin as a top-10 receiver. Alas, I wimped out a bit and put him at 12. Harvin has yet to score more than 7 TDs in a season and hasn’t come close to playing a full season since 2011. But he looks awfully good and has the talent to easily score eight times while posting a 1,200-yard season. 2. Indy’s T.Y. Hilton (ADP: 69). Yes, Hakeem Nicks is on board and Reggie Wayne returns after suffering a torn ACL last year. Hilton, though, figures to slightly better his numbers from last year (82-1,083-5) thanks to Andrew Luck’s continued development and the fact the Colts are going to be running a no-huddle offense that will keep scoreboard operators awfully busy. 3. Jeremy Maclin (ADP: 73). DeSean Jackson’s gone. Nick Foles is one of the hottest young QBs in the game. Eagles coach Chip Kelly wants his team to run as many plays as possible. And in the pre-Kelly offense, Maclin averaged 67 catches, 893 yards and 7.3 TDs. Trust me when I say that he’ll be one of the better WR2s in fantasy. 4. Marques Colston (ADP 77). It was definitely a down year for Colston in 2013 and he’s not going to run by any corners this year either. But on a high-octane offense like the Saints, the veteran is a good bet for 6-7 TDs and at least 1,000 yards. Last-minute advice: When you are stuck in the middle rounds debating on two or three different receivers, take the one who is on the higher-scoring team. The second — and sometimes third — receivers on Denver, New England, Philadelphia, Dallas, Cincinnati, Green Bay and New Orleans offer much more upside than anybody on Cleveland, Jacksonville, Buffalo, Carolina, St. Louis or Oakland. Guys like Emmanuel Sanders, Danny Amendola, Riley Cooper, Terrance Williams, Jarrett Boykin and Kenny Stills will have many more opportunities to score than anybody on a team with a wretched quarterback. Tight ends: Death, taxes and Jimmy Graham. There are fewer sure-fire bets in fantasy football than the Saints’ TE producing big numbers by season’s end. I have no problem with owners using a late first- or early second-round pick on him. The next three guys — Vernon Davis, Julius Thomas and Rob Gronkowski — are going to fight it out for second place. Gronk would nearly be a lock to win, but his injury history makes me extremely gun shy. If you don’t get one of the top four, concentrate on building WR or RB depth and leave the TE spot until the 10th-12th rounds (or even later if you want). In those rounds, expect to see Kyle Rudolph, Martellus Bennett and / or Jordan Reed on the board. Those of you wanting a second TE or a keeper possibility, I love the Chargers’ Ladarius Green. Once Antonio Gates is out of the picture, Green will walk right into top-5 TE territory. Also keep an eye on the Eagles’ Zach Ertz, the Lions Eric Ebron and the Colts’ Dwayne Allen. John Dietz ranks the wide receivers Player, team Projected Projected Comment yards TDs Cream of the crop 1. Calvin Johnson, Lions 1,450-1,700 11-15 Only one w/150+ targets last 3 yrs. 2. De. Thomas, Broncos 1,325-1,450 11-13 13 100-yard games last 2 years 3. A.J. Green, Bengals 1,300-1,500 10-12 As consistent as they come 4. Dez Bryant, Cowboys 1,250-1,425 10-13 Most TDs among WRs last 2 years Still rock solid 5. B. Marshall, BEARS 1,325-1,450 9-11 Avg. 5 yrs. w/Cutler: 105-1,303-9.2 6. Julio Jones, Falcons 1,250-1,400 8-10 Pace after 5 games: 131-1,856-6 7. Jordy Nelson, Packers 1,250-1,350 8-11 Only 1 TD last 9 games 8. Alshon Jeffery, BEARS 1,275-1,375 8-10 Had better numbers with McCown 9. Antonio Brown, Steelers 1,250-1,400 7-9 Only Josh Gordon had more yards 10. Vincent Jackson, Bucs 1,250-1,350 8-9 24 TDs last three seasons 11. Keenan Allen, Chargers 1,175-1,275 8-10 5 TDs last four games of 2013 Still solid 12. Percy Harvin, Seahawks 1,000-1,100 9-11 If healthy, career year coming 13. T.Y. Hilton, Colts 1,175-1,300 6-9 Five games of 120-plus yards 14. Jereymy Maclin, Eagles 1,100-1,275 7-9 Should thrive with Jackson gone 15. Randall Cobb, Packers 1,000-1,150 7-9 Looking for first 1,000-yard season 16. Andre Johnson, Texans 1,200-1,300 5-8 73 catches for 1,000 in career 17. C. Patterson, Vikings 800-900* 8-10 Could get 90 touches 18. Marques Colston, Saints 1,075-1,175 7-10 Tied career low TDs last year (5) 19. Roddy White, Falcons 1,100-1,250 5-8 He’ll bounce back 20. Larry Fitzgerald, Cards 975-1,100 7-9 Avg. 7.0 TDs last four seasons A notch below ... but no worries yet 21. DeSean Jackson, Skins 1,100-1,200 6-8 RG3 scares me right now 22. Victor Cruz, Giants 1,050-1,175 6-9 No TDs after Week 4 23. Pierre Garcon, Skins 1,100-1,250 5-7 5 or more catches EVERY GAME! 24. Torrey Smith, Ravens 1,050-1,175 5-8 Explosive potential 25. Golden Tate, Lions 975-1,175 6-8 Numbers could soar with Stafford 26. Em. Sanders, Broncos 875-1,200 5-10 Welker’s concussion clouds issue 27. Reggie Wayne, Colts 1,000-1,200 5-7 Luck will rely on veteran 28. Eric Decker, Jets 950-1,125 6-8 How will he fare as team No. 1 WR? 29. Michael Crabtree, Niners 950-1,100 6-8 NIners O needs to get it in gear 30. Kendall Wright, Titans 1,100-1,200 4-7 Much better in PPR formats 31. Anquan Boldin, Niners 1,050-1,150 5-7 Most yards (1,179) since ’06 32. Michael Floyd, Cards 975-1,125 6-7 38% of yards came in 3 games Questions beginning 33. Mike Wallace, Dolphins 950-1,050 6-7 4 TDs in last six games 34. Wes Welker, Broncos 600-1,200 4-10 VERY RISKY PICK (concussion) 35. Julian Edelman, Pats 950-1,100 5-6 Targeted 151 times last season 36. Ter. Williams, Cowboys 875-1,025 5-7 3rd among rookie WRS in fant. pts. 37. Markus Wheaton, Steelers 875-1,075 4-7 Unproven but talent is there 38. Mike Evans, Bucs 825-1,000 4-7 Rookie an intriguing pick 39. Kenny Stills, Saints 800-1,000 5-7 On this offense, worth a look 40. Riley Cooper, Eagles 825-925 5-7 5 of 8 TDs came in two games The next 15: DeAndre Hopkins, Texans; Sammy Watkins, Bills; Dwayne Bowe, Chiefs; Kelvin Benjamin, Panthers; Brian Hartline, Dolphins; Doug Baldwin, Seahawks; Nate Washington, TItans; Justin Hunter, Titans; Cecil Shorts, Jaguars; Steve Smith, Ravens; Hakeem Nicks, Colts; Greg Jennings, Vikings; Danny Amendola, Patriots; Rueben Randle, Giants; Tavon Austin, Rams John Dietz ranks the tight ends Player, team Projected Projected Comment yards TDs Cream of the crop 1. Jimmy Graham, Saints 1,100-1,275 11-14 Avg. last 3: 90-1,169-12.0. WOW! Rock solid 2. Vernon Davis, Niners 800-925 7-10 Avg. last 5: 815 yards, 8.8 TDs 3. Julius Thomas, Broncs 750-800 8-10 Neck and neck with Davis 4. Rob Gronkowski, Pats 775-1,050 7-12 Do you trust him to play all year? Still solid fantasy starters 5. Jason Witten, Cowboys 875-975 5-7 TDs last 5: 8-3-5-9-2 6. Greg Olsen, Panthers 775-850 5-7 800-plus yards last two 7. Kyle Rudolph, Vikings 650-725 6-8 Should eclipse 60 catches 8. Jordan Reed, Skins 700-800 5-6 499 yards in just 9 games last yr. 9. Dennis Pitta, Ravens 675-775 5-6 He’ll be huge for Ravens offense 10. Charles Clay, Dolphins 725-800 4-5 1 of 6 TEs w/100 targets last year The next 6: Jordan Cameron, Browns; Delaine Walker, Titans; Martellus Bennett, BEARS; Tim Wright, Patriots; Zac Ertz, Eagles; Coby Fleener, Colts 5 to keep a close eye on: Ladarius Green, Chargers; Dwayne Allen, Colts; Tyler Eifert, Bengals; Eric Ebron, Lions; Jace Amaro, Jets

  • Charles in charge? Not quiteChiefs’ RB will be soilid but won’t measure up to McCoy, Peterson Aug 28, 2014 11:56 PM
    I come to you with another Nostradamus proclamation: Kansas City’s Jamaal Charles will not finish No. 1 among RBs in fantasy points this season.

  • It’s Mr. Rodgers’ neighborhood once again Aug 28, 2014 5:30 AM
    There are plenty of reasons not to hitch your wagon to Peyton Manning in the first round of your draft and instead take Aaron Rodgers (and maybe even Drew Brees) over the 38-year-old Broncos QB.

  • Fantasy football: Manning, Jeffery head awards Dec 27, 2013 11:04 AM
    The fantasy football awards are in. See who won MVP, Biggest Surprise and more ...

  • Do your craziest fantasy victories match up with these? Dec 19, 2013 10:10 PM
    What are the most heart-pounding victories or most agonizing losses you've experienced playing fantasy football?

  • Who should take home fantasy awards? Dec 12, 2013 8:01 PM
    With the season winding down, it's time for readers to have their say in this year's fantasy football awards. Who should be the MVP? Biggest surprise? Biggest bust? Vote by sending John and email and give him a few reasons behind your selections.

  • How does your league handle gaffes? Dec 5, 2013 9:33 PM
    See what happened to John last week in one of his leagues and why being a fantasy football commissioner is an utterly thankless job.

  • Time to count our fantasy football blessings Nov 27, 2013 11:50 PM
    With Thanksgiving here, see what John is thankful for in his life, as well as in the world of fantasy football.

  • What’s with all the second guessing? Nov 22, 2013 12:18 AM
    “What was he thinking???” “Moron!” “Clown!” “IIIIdiot!” These are the kind of reactions we’re all accustomed to hearing after NFL coaches make tough, gutsy decisions that fail in a game’s key moment. What kills me is the second-guessing that goes on after the play fails. Then, everybody’s an expert. Case in point: Two weeks ago, Bears coach Marc Trestman decided to go for a first down on fourth-and-1 from the Lions’ 27-yard line in a 7-7 game in the second quarter. Michael Bush was stuffed for no gain and Detroit took over. Of course, we all remember the final score: Detroit 21, Bears 19. Those of you listening to the postgame on WSCR 670-AM may recall plenty of moaning and groaning about this decision. And why? Because it didn’t work. Obviously, if Bush picked up the yard, you wouldn’t have heard a peep. Trestman wasn’t any crazier for making that decision than he was making two other gutsy calls earlier in the season against the Bengals and Packers. Those plays both worked and Trestman was deemed a genius. Sorry, but you can’t have it both ways. Form an opinion of the call as it is happening and have the guts to stand behind that opinion whether the play succeeds or fails. For instance ... In 2009, when Pats coach Bill Belichick — leading 34-28 with 2:08 left in the game — went for a first down from his own 28-yard-line against Peyton Manning and the Colts, I thought, “Great call. New England’s defense is never going to stop Manning, and a first down here essentially ends the game.” Well, the play failed, Manning got the ball back and the Colts won. But before the play, my gut said it was the right decision. Just because it failed doesn’t mean Belichick was stupid for making that call. Ex-Bears linebacker and Panthers coach Ron Rivera went from being a conservative, play-it-by-the-book coach to one willing to pull out all the stops. His Panthers are 5-for-7 on fourth-and-1 plays since Rivera played it safe against the Bills in Week 2 and watched Buffalo score the winning TD with two seconds left. The change in philosophy has earned Rivera the nickname Riverboat Ron, a name he doesn’t particularly like but is obviously fitting. So what does all this have to do with fantasy football? Well, we’ve reached the point of the season where I think it’s OK to be your own Riverboat Ron, Maniac Marc or Wild Bill Belichick. While remembering that we never, ever, ever sit our studs, it’s OK to take some chances. Got a gut feeling about Eli Manning, Carson Palmer or Josh McCown? Go for it! Thinking Shane Vereen might have a huge day as New England tries to catch up to Denver this week? Take a shot! Have faith in Anquan Boldin, James Jones or Rueben Randle based on their easy-as-pie matchups? Run ’em out there! If your guy explodes — or even just outscores your regular starter — you can sit back and bask in the glow of your fantasy football genius. If things don’t work out, who cares? Nobody will be calling into a radio show screaming, “What was he thinking? Moron!” Have some fun and roll the dice during the last few weeks because the end is right around the corner. My teams: The auction-league team (6-5) prevailed 67-59 thanks to nice games from Matt Forte (14 points), Demaryius Thomas (8), Rob Gronkowski (8) and the Giants defense (9). The regular squad (4-7) got thumped 120-93. The issue there is total points for the season, and I’m 11 behind the final playoff qualifier. Good bets ŸBucs QB Mike Glennon at Detroit. Since Week 6, no team has allowed more fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks than the Lions. ŸTexans QB Case Keenum and RB Ben Tate vs. Jacksonville. Don’t give up on Keenum yet. Yes, he was benched last week in the second half, but this should be a monster bounce-back effort against the woeful Jags. ŸSteelers QB Ben Roethlisberger and WR Jerricho Cotchery at Cleveland. With Browns CB Joe Haden draped all over Antonio Brown, watch for Big Ben to find Cotchery at least six times for 75 yards. ŸGiants RB Andre Brown vs. Dallas. Running backs have feasted on the Cowboys. Brown let me down last week, but I expect 100 yards and at least 1 score Sunday. ŸRaiders RB Rashad Jennings vs. Tennessee. The Titans are tied with the Skins and Jaguars for most rushing scores allowed (15). ŸNiners RB Frank Gore at Washington. Aside from two dud games — one coming last week — Gore (873 YFS, 7 TDs) has been awfully solid. He’ll plow through the Skins and get you at least 16 points in standard leagues. ŸPackers RB Eddie Lacy vs. Minnesota. With Aaron Rodgers out, it’s been tough sledding for Lacy (2.63 ypc last two). Three of the last four teams’ feature backs to play the Vikings have had huge days, though, and Lacy will make it 4-for-5. ŸBroncos WR Eric Decker at New England. Peyton Manning is going to rediscover Decker (55 ypg, no TDs last three) this week. ŸRavens WR Torrey Smith vs. the Jets. New York is allowing the third-most points to WRs and TEs since Week 6. ŸTitans WR Kendall Wright at Oakland. Since Week 2, Wright is actually 19th in the NFL in receiving yards with 649. If he had just 3-4 more TDs (he has 1), he’d be on everybody’s mind. Not a bad play as a WR3 going forward. ŸGiants defense vs. Dallas. I see a pick-6 coming off the arm of Tony Romo. Bad bets ŸSkins QB Robert Griffin III vs. San Francisco. RG3 is 17th among QBs in average fantasy points since Week 3. Jim Harbaugh will have his Niners squad primed and ready for Monday Night Football. ŸChargers QB Philip Rivers and WR Keenan Allen vs. Kansas City. Rivers (6 TDs last five) has struggled of late and now must play at Arrowhead Stadium a week after the Chiefs suffered their first loss? No thank you. ŸColts QB Andrew Luck at Arizona. In five road games, Luck has just 7 TD passes (3 came in one game) and is averaging 224 passing yards. ŸBucs RB Bobby Rainey at Detroit. My guess is there’s no way you’re going to sit the hottest new name in fantasy. But know this: The Lions haven’t allowed a rushing score since Week 4. Rainey gets 95 yards from scrimmage but doesn’t find the end zone. ŸRavens RB Ray Rice vs. New York Jets. Hope you enjoyed that mini-resurgence against the Bears last week. We now return you to your regularly scheduled 36-yard game. ŸPatriots RB Stevan Ridley vs. Denver. Ridley’s streak of five straight games with a TD ends this week. ŸJets RB Chris Ivory at Baltimore. Only the Cardinals allow fewer fantasy points to RBs than the Ravens. ŸRaiders WR Denarius Moore vs. Tennessee. Moore’s banged up and questionable with a shoulder injury. He also has just 12 catches the last four games. Find another option.

  • Fantasy football stock watch: Romo to crash; Keenum a hot buy Nov 15, 2013 6:00 AM
    With the trade deadline approaching in most fantasy football leagues, John Dietz offers some advice on what to do with the one player he's most worried about down the stretch.

  • Bengals’ Jones a fantasy game-changer? Oct 31, 2013 8:42 PM
    Marvin Jones and Kenny Stills have been two of the hottest receivers in the NFL. See why John Dietz is concerned about their short-term fantasy value going forward.

  • Time for some of you to make a bold move Sep 19, 2013 10:33 PM
    Fantasy football owners being let down by Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Tony Romo or any other middling QB will want to check out the remedy proposed by John Dietz this week.

  • High-end trio provide reasons to fret Sep 13, 2013 5:30 AM
    After one week is it too early to panic? Too early to get excited? Fantasy football analyst John Dietz says no way on either account. He gets you ready for Week 2 with early observations.

  • Some bold fantasy predictions as Week 1 arrives Sep 6, 2013 7:02 AM
    Following the crowd is really no fun, so with Week 1 upon us, I thought I'd throw out my preseason Surprises and Busts at each position. These are bold and may even fly in the face of some of my rankings from just two weeks ago, but after some time to consider more information, let's see how close I can come to hitting these on the head.

  • A plan that may not be all that crazy Aug 28, 2013 11:40 AM
    Drafting wide receivers in fantasy drafts is always a crapshoot. John Dietz is here to wade through the carnage to help you get a better handle on who to take as your draft approaches.

  • Patience will pay off this year Aug 23, 2013 7:11 PM
    There are so many good quarterbacks in the NFL these days that fantasy football analyst John Dietz says not to waste an early pick on the top names. See what else he things about this year's signal-callers and who he says can help your team the most in the middle rounds of your drafts.

  • Fantasy focus: Securing two top RBs a must Aug 28, 2013 11:26 AM
    Fantasy football analyst John Dietz gets you ready for the upcoming season with a look at the running backs. Who's No. 1? No. 2? What strategy should you use for your draft? It's all included.

  • Vikings’ Peterson defied the odds and the skeptics Dec 28, 2012 5:30 AM
    Daily Herald readers voted and now the results are in. See who the winners were in the 2012 Fantasy Football awards.

  • Some fun ways to make the fantasy football season last and last Dec 20, 2012 7:18 PM
    The fantasy football season is over for 80 percent of you, but John Dietz takes a look at a few ways to keep the fun rolling into the latter parts of the season for everyone.

  • Cast your votes for Fantasy Football winners, losers Dec 14, 2012 5:30 AM
    It's time for Daily Herald readers to vote for the 2012 fantasy football awards. Who's the MVP? The Biggest Bust? Rookie of the Year? You decide ...

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