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Why young voters find Trump a turn-off

Aug 16 2016 | 10:16 am - Columnist Michael Gerson: Trump is supported by one in five younger voters -- an astonishing and consequential collapse for the GOP.

Clinton’s ‘short-circuited’ apology

Aug 08 2016 | 12:00 pm - Columnist Michael Gerson: One of the most unintentionally revealing moments of Hillary Clinton’s campaign so far came during her recent, unconvincing explanation of the email affair.

It’s not too late to repudiate - and it could regain soul of GOP

Aug 02 2016 | 3:14 pm - Columnist Michael Gerson: Leaders who support Trump do so for a variety of reasons. But whatever their motivations, they are encouraging an alternate and degraded version of America’s story.

Does Hillary have what it takes to build on faith issues?

Jul 26 2016 | 1:10 pm - With Thomas Hobbes now firmly in charge of Republican messaging — the world is a dark, Darwinian bloodbath, unless we turn over power to a strong ruler who will protect us — Hillary Clinton has a number of rhetorical and ideological...

Pence pushes imaginary, corrupt narrative

Jul 21 2016 | 1:51 pm - Columnist Michael Gerson: Indiana Gov. Mike Pence displayed considerable political and rhetorical skill. And he brought great shame on himself and the Republican Party in the process.

Compliant in Cleveland on trade

Jul 19 2016 | 9:33 am - Columnist Michael Gerson: With precious little attention, the Republican Party’s attitude toward international trade has officially shifted.

The triumph of cynicism in American politics

Jul 08 2016 | 4:48 pm - Columnist Michael Gerson: “The most amazing thing about the 2016 elections,” Roger Porter of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government told me, “is that we are likely to elect someone who close to two-thirds of the country...

The Christian right surrenders faith for politics

Jun 26 2016 | 8:50 pm - Columnist Michael Gerson: More than 900 conservative Christian leaders witnessed Donald Trump field some softball questions. This was reassuring enough to reward him with a standing ovation and a positive buzz.

The GOP needs to learn that character matters

Jun 20 2016 | 10:17 am - Columnist Michael Gerson: Republicans are beginning to see that the main problem with their presumptive nominee is Trump’s public character, which no amount of last-minute coaching can change.

Divided we mourn

Jun 13 2016 | 5:22 pm - Columnist Michael Gerson: One of the manifold tragedies of the Orlando mass murder is how difficult it is for us to experience it and mourn it together.

items 1-10 out of 394