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Rahul Desikan, a scientist studying ALS at the University of California at San Francisco, and his wife, Maya, are pictured at their home.
Ravaged by ALS, the disease he studies
A year and a half ago, this scientist's future seemed boundless. He had just begun the biggest study ever of the genetics of ALS. Then he noticed small muscle twitches in his left arm and weakness in his fingers. ALS was diagnosed five months later.
VLESdesigns sells a fully-stocked emergency bag that has things you could need in case of an emergency.
How to prepare an emergency kit for an evacuation
Family-friendly policies such as paid parental leave, subsidized child care and flexible workdays are essential. But the everyday stuff matters just as much to mental health. Day in, day out: Is there flexibility? Do they trust you to get it done and not micromanage your time? Here’s a clue that you’re not in a family-friendly workplace: You know it will go over better if you say you have a doctor’s appointment than your child does.
We need paid parental leave. But we also need flexibility and understanding bosses.
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