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posted: 5/21/2017 6:00 AM

Readers happy to see motorcycling stories return

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Dear Readers,

I love getting your letters, and we'll try to print them if space is available. Many are edited for brevity, but I never edit any criticism. So if you don't see much of that it's because you're all too nice, or just too easy to please. Send your notes to

-- Hawkeye

Ken, Just read the whole Motorcycling section in the Daily Herald. I am a Harley rider and get two motorcycling magazines, so I am familiar with articles and reviews about cycles. The articles were interesting and the topics well chosen. The review of the Road King was informative and to the point. Keep up the good work and looking forward to the next issue.

-- Dan

Thanks for the kind words, Dan.

-- Hawkeye

Dear Hawkeye, I'm interested in finding out more about Motus Motorcycles, a new American sport bike. Have you ridden one, and can you tell me anything about it.

-- Roger W.

Roger, I have not ridden one, and only know what I've read, and from what some other journalists have told me. It's supposed to be a great bike, and I just learned that Motor Cycle Center in Villa Park has just added Motus to its Triumph, Ducati, KTM, MV Agusta and Husqvarna lineup. Give them a call.

-- Hawkeye

Hi Ken, Way to go on getting the monthly Motorcycling section of the Herald started. About time this happened. I enjoyed reading your articles. Keep up the good work. I'm including a photo of my current ride (a Suzuki Burgman scooter). At 75, I think it's about all I can handle.

-- Ron Koch

Ron, Anything that keeps you in the wind is great by me. I've ridden several scooters like yours, and they've got more grunt than many motorcycles I've ridden.

-- Hawkeye

Ken, It's great to see the Motorcycling section back! I like the idea of listing charity rides by various clubs. Wish the section was every week. I will be writing you many more times in the future. Great job!! Thanks again.

-- Bob Morrison

Bob, I wish the Motorcycling section was each week, too. The more support we get from advertisers, the better chance we have to make it happen. So please let our advertisers know you appreciate their support, and try to spend your money at the places that support our efforts and the sport we all love. And remember, anyone with a ride event can send details to Rides have been posted in the Saturday Auto section recently because of space constraints here, but we hope to publish it in the Motorcycling section in future editions down the road.

-- Hawkeye

Much like gardening, the joy of riding a motorcycle is a celebration of the coming of spring. Being able to receive my Daily Herald on Sunday with a Motorcycling section enclosed was a wake-up call for me to start getting ready for the new riding season. I am already looking forward to next month's edition. If possible, have Hawkeye review a Slingshot.

-- B.C. in Palatine

Dear B.C., I used to garden. But then I realized that when I'm sitting, drooling in a rest home, I won't remember the times I spent planting flowers as much as the times I spent riding my motorcycle. As for the Slingshot, I've been trying to drive one ever since they came out. But every time I stop by Nielsen Enterprises to take one out, they all seem to have SOLD stickers on them. One time they had one all gassed and ready for me, but in the 20 minutes I took to chat with Ted Nielsen, a salesman sold it right out from under me! I'LL KEEP TRYING.

-- Hawkeye

Ken, First off wanted to thank you for being involved with the motorcycling articles in the Daily Herald. It's nice knowing what's available on the weekends. Having ridden bikes for close to 30 years and being a little wiser in our old age, riding safely is now at the top of my list. Recently, I talked the St. Charles library into purchasing the "Ride Like a Pro" DVD series along with the book. If anyone's interested in borrowing the DVDs, just go on the library's website and search "Ride Like a Pro." I'm taking the "Ride Like a Pro" training this year out in Michigan City, Indiana. Attached is a picture of the wife and I down at the "Tail of the Dragon" last summer. Trying to talk her into riding to Montana this summer. :-)

-- Bernie

Dear Bernie, I have a set of those DVDs and they are GREAT. I watch them each spring, and go out to a deserted parking lot and practice many of the exercises. No matter how long you've been riding, skills get stale over the winter, and some practice with panic stops, U-turns, feathering the clutch to control the bike at low speeds, and getting comfortable with your bike's available lean angle is important to riding safely. Everyone should lobby their local libraries to get the set of DVDs by Jerry "Motorman" Palladino. Unfortunately, Jerry passed away in 2012, but his videos have undoubtedly saved thousands of lives.

-- Hawkeye

Hey Ken, Glad you're back writing a Motorcycling section again. Missed your articles. But I noticed your new picture. Man you really got gray and put on a few pounds, huh?

-- Ronny B.

Ronny, thanks for pointing that out, you charmer. I'm guessing you don't work for Hallmark writing greeting cards, do you?

-- Hawkeye

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