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Marty McGinley
Suburban director ready at 54 to debut first film
It's never too late to pursue your passion. At 54 years old and weeks away from the premiere of his first film, Marty McGinley says he's living proof.
"Incredibles 2" become the best animated opening of all time.
'Incredibles 2' crushes animation record with $180 million
U.S. midfielder Julie Ertz (8) celebrates her header goal with forward Alex Morgan, rear, in the first half of an international friendly women’s soccer match against South Korea in New Orleans. Morgan makes her theatrical debut in a new feature “Alex & Me” about a young player who is inspired by Morgan.
Alex Morgan gives acting a go, readies for qualifying
Christopher Plummer stars in the new film “Boundaries,” in which he plays the weed-dealing father of a single mother.
Q&A: Christopher Plummer on playing a weed dealer at 88
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