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updated: 10/12/2017 3:17 PM

Honked off

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Call me Mother Goose, because so many things honked me off this week I just had to write. Here's a list with only brief comments.

1. Don't drivers know that a yellow light means prepare to stop? It does not mean that when you see the light turn yellow from 2 blocks back that you should speed up to 60 mph to make it through. You leave left turners two choices -- wait in the middle of the road for the light to turn red or be hit by you.

2. When will the Hollywood types, who are so very out of touch with reality, realize the correlation between two years of Trump-bashing and two years of the lowest Emmy ratings EVER. Everyone is sick and tired of politics being inserted into every aspect of our lives. Time to move on.

3. Medicare for all? Okay. But will my husband and I be reimbursed for the decades of contributions we made to Medicare via deductions from our paychecks?

4. Why do people get their news from neighbors, talk radio and the "ladies who chat?" Can't they do their own research and form their own opinions?

Case in point. People go on and on about global warming, but how many are vegetarians? If you eat meat, you are contributing to emissions which supersede those from transportation. It takes about 1,500 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef. Animal farming produces emissions 23 times more powerful than CO2. Look it up.

Eleanor Wasielewski


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