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posted: 10/2/2017 1:00 AM

Don't fire athletes; kick them out of country

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On behalf of my husband, all American veterans and those currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, I feel compelled to react to the unpatriotic display of protests by some self-centered, egotistic, self-serving athletes.

My husband and an untold number of selfless men and women serving in our armed forces have given their lives protecting the rights of these so-called "Americans" who refuse to stand to show respect for our country, flag and veterans. Many, many have come back from combat either maimed or disabled because of their undying devotion to our country. I wish all of the Colin Kapernicks, LeBron James, Stephen Curry and all of the others who disrespect our country would serve one month or just one week on the front lines in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else where our uniformed heroes serve and then we'll see how quickly they rise and stand when our national anthem is played to honor our country, flag and veterans.

This will never happen so I would like to see these pompous asses not only fired from their stardom jobs but also kicked out of the United States. Let them try and earn the wages they make here or live the lifestyle they live here anyplace else in the world. Yes, they have the right to protest but let it be done in an appropriate manner and not by belittling our country, our flag and our heroic veterans. Kudos and blessings to Alejandro Villanuevo for standing proudly at the beginning of the Steelers-Bears football game.

May God give these instigators the prudence and integrity to appreciate all of the rights and privileges our country has bestowed upon them and, most of all, God bless America.

Edwina L. Feret


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