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Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn is expected to unveil plans to build a new factory in southeastern Wisconsin.
Foxconn to announce new factory in southeast Wisconsin
Foxconn, one of the world's largest electronics manufacturers, will unveil plans Wednesday evening to build a new factory in southeastern Wisconsin, delivering a much-needed win for President Donald Trump and Gov. Scott Walker, according to four officials with knowledge of the announcement.
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Barrington plan commissioners at a meeting Tuesday night voted in favor of M/I Homes’ revised proposal for 61 townhouses on this site previously used for “country offices” at The Grove. M/I originally had pitched 65 multifamily homes for the property near Dundee Road and Grove Avenue.
Townhouse plan advances in Barrington
The historic Central Hotel building at 534 N. Seymour Ave. in downtown Mundelein will be rehabbed into a residential duplex. The building has long been considered a headache for village officials.
Affordable housing group to rehab downtown Mundelein's Central Hotel
Sanket Shah from Texas, Tanvi Thakkar from Indiana and Drishti Shah from West Virginia enjoy drinks at North Shore Distillery in Green Oaks.
North Shore Distillery's spirits and service shine in Green Oaks
Molly’s Pancake House will soon replace the former White Alps restaurant on Route 22 in Lake Zurich.
Business Ledger Molly's Original Pancake House replacing White Alps
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