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An image provided by Apple shows students at Chicago’s Lane Tech College Prep High School learning to build apps using Swift, Apple’s programming language.
Apple getting back into the classroom with announcement at Lane Tech
Apple is preparing to introduce new low-cost iPads and education software next week at an event at Chicago's Lane Technical College Prep High School in a bid to win back students and teachers from Google and Microsoft.
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In theory, the idea of an app that connects you to friends from grade school, summer camp or high school, or to people who share your interests, to your college friends and former co-workers, should be harmless fun. In practice, it is fraught with danger. You can dramatically reduce those risks by making some small changes in your Facebook behavior.
Commentary: Before you #DeleteFacebook, try taking control
“Stranger Things,” the 1980s horror throwback that unexpectedly became one of the biggest Netflix hits to date, contained 182 scenes featuring tobacco or tobacco usage, making it the biggest offender.
Netflix shows have more sex, violence -- and, it turns out, smoking
The McDonald’s campus is a possibility for the Amazon headquarters. A rendering of what it might look like.
Business Ledger Future possibilities for the McDonald's Oak Brook campus
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