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Kits Sports Center in Lake Zurich closed earlier this week.
Kits Sports Center in Lake Zurich closes
After nearly two decades, Kits Sports Center in Lake Zurich has closed, co-owner Tom Chmela said Wednesday.
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Presence Saint Joseph Hospital in Elgin, along with other Presence Health facilities, is likely to become part of Amita Health, the health care systems announced Tuesday.
Presence, Amita health systems agree to merge
Comcast SportsNet Chicago will be known as ‘NBC Sports Chicago.’
Feder: CSN Chicago to rebrand as 'NBC Sports Chicago'
An example of the tattoo work of Addison resident Jeff Jucha, who plans to open the first tattoo business in Schaumburg next month.
Schaumburg approves first tattoo parlor
Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods is expected to shake up the grocery industry.
Business Ledger Online grocery shopping grows with supply and demand
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